Without Mom ! Home Is Not Home

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“Without Mom”, these are not just two words. These words embrace the story, which can neither be erased nor be written again. A story which is yours, mine and every one of us.

I was never close to my mom since childhood. This was what I always believed until I lost her forever. A born talkative but still an introvert, I could never tell her how much I loved her. As far as I remember, I always loved staying at my home, the home where I could be closer to my mom, feel protective in her warmth and still not realizing it.

I never liked fast food like my younger brother and elder sister and rather starved for my mother’s food when we went on week-long holidays. I never chose my dresses on my own because I knew that she will find out the best one for me, every time.
When I used to be ill, she was always there for me, bought me new toys, dresses and anything that could bring a smile on my face even when I was down with 104 degrees fever. She was my medicine, but then again, I never realized it until she was gone.

I never knew how difficult it could be to make my own hair, until she forced me to do it by myself when I was in 9th standard. I had dense curly hair and it was a real job to wash them on my own and then dress them up in a perfect braid. God knows how she used to do it for me without complaining every morning before going to school.

There are so many things which I never knew my mom did for me, until the day she left me all alone. She had cancer and she fought for one long year with it and then finally said goodbye. She left behind my dad and my younger brother, whom I had to take care of, when I didn’t even know how to take care of myself.

The same home which used to soothe me started haunting me. Everything changed, from the taste of the food to our dinner timings.

The meaning of Home changed for all of us. No matter how hard I try, we all know that it will never be like before. It’s so strange that my mom knew so much about me and about everyone of us. I wish I could tell her what she meant to me, for her family and her home.

She was the soul of our home, a soul which one never knows if it exists, but still believes in it. Without mom, our home is not home anymore! Now, we need to show little love for her on the special eve of mother’s day to gift her flowers, mother’s day cakes and make her feel best mom.

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