Ramadan Celebrations and Gifting in the United Arab Emirates

Ramadan Celebrations and Gifting in the United Arab Emirates

Ramadan is the holy month in the Islamic calendar observed by Muslims worldwide. Muslims fast during Ramadan and they do not eat or drink anything, while the sun is shining. It is the time of praying, spiritual reflection, and self-development when people refrain from drinking, smoking, and sinful behaviour. The auspicious festival of Ramadan brings friends, family, and loved ones together when they exchange gifts and relish delicious food. We have gathered a list of best Ramadan gifts to choose for your friends and family in the UAE.

Special Ramadan Hamper

A hamper full of candies, cookies, macaroons, cupcakes, dry fruits, dates, and pralines will add much more to the mega Ramadan celebration. A Ramadan basket/hamper idea is perfect for rewarding your loved ones who have been fasting the entire month and practising the spirit of serving humanity. 

Explore Ramadan gift hampers in UAE to greet your loved ones in this holy month.

Chocolate Basket

Chocolates are the best Ramadan gifts for kids that are loved by adults equally. This basket is full of delicious sweet treats, which is perfect to delight the chocolate connoisseurs that they’ll never forget. Sharing the chocolates with everyone at home will enhance their flavour even more. 

Flower Arrangement

When it comes to gifting something fresh & beautiful on any occasion, you can never go wrong with flowers. A mesmerizing flower arrangement is sure to uplift the spirit of the recipient and fill their heart with joy and gratitude.

Fruit Arrangement

Fruits are healthy gift options for Ramadan. They keep the body hydrated and provide essential nutrients to have sustained energy throughout the day. You can order this exotic fruit arrangement and send your dear ones Ramadan gifts in Dubai with loads of love and wishes.

Fragrant Candles & Lanterns

During Ramadan, the houses are lit with candles and lanterns at night. The fragrant candles help create a calm and soothing environment. The glittering lights bring in festive cheer and put everyone in a celebratory mood. 

Abayas & Scarves

Abayas & Scarves

If you are in search of traditional Ramadan gift ideas for women- help ease their Ramadan praying routine by gifting abayas & scarves. It will help them dress up traditionally during the holy month of Ramadan when covering yourselves is more of a necessity.



Attars are alcohol-free unlike perfumes and are made from flower petals distilled in water. They have a very soothing smell and can have a positive effect on senses. Attars are great Ramadan giveaway ideas to help the recipient smell great and win several compliments.

Get a wide range of Ramadan gifts in UAE to surprise your near and dear ones to make this holy month more special for them.

You can pamper your loved ones with these fantastic Ramadan gift ideas. Make sure you enjoy it thoroughly with them.

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