Plants that Will Guard your Garden – Best Snake Repellent Plants

Nature always finds its way of maintaining a balance! In our gardens, flowers flourish and spread a soothing fragrance all around but along with the beauty and peace comes the fear of the wild; snakes. But there are a lot of ways to protect our gardens from these reptiles. One of them is by incorporating some special snake repellent plants that keep them away. These outdoor plants will truly help you create a barrier to safeguard your home with their emitted fragrances that these creatures find unpleasant. So, let’s check out some of them and keep our outdoors snake-free.


Marigold plant image

Famous for vibrant flowers and their unique aroma, marigolds are not only a feast to the eyes but also an amazing deterrent for snakes. You can easily find marigold flower plant online and place your order for them.

Sansevieria trifasciata (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue)

Sansevieria trifasciata plant

Featuring air-purifying properties, you can place this succulent plant around the border of your garden. Their sharp leaves and bitter taste make them highly unpleasant for the snakes. With vibrant foliage, they also make a good addition to any space.


lavendar plant repel snakes

An absolute treat to the eyes, lavender features a calming fragrance. These super pretty and delicate purple flowers are one of the best additions to any outdoor space. They are quite overwhelming for the snakes and keep them steer clear from that area.

Onion and Garlic

Garlic Plant Image repel snakes

These culinary staples are renowned for their important roles in adding flavour to our dishes. Apart from this, they also serve as effective snake repellants. As the snakes dislike strong odours like theirs, onion and garlic are indeed a must addition to your outdoor spaces.


Rosemary plant image

Rosemary is quite famous among the gardeners. Their strong aroma serves the best as a natural deterrent for snakes making them an ideal choice for a plantation around the entry of your home. Moreover, these plants are also used for culinary purposes.


Mint Plant Leaves

Perfect for a touch of greenery in your outdoor space, mint is not only a delightful herb but also a very effective snake repellent. Liked by humans for their aroma and taste, snakes are repelled by them. They are simply perfect to be planted around the perimeter of your outdoor space.


nasturtiums plant

One of the best snake repellent plants in India is Nasturtiums. Featuring a peppery scent, these plants are something that snakes find unpleasant hence deterring them from entering into areas with Nasturtiums. Also, they are so beautiful and vibrant in colour that they can brighten any space.

So, as a whole, if you want to buy plants online that keep snakes at bay, consider all the above and create a haven of safety and tranquillity in your gardens. All of these plants will allow you to embrace the beauty of nature that not only delights the senses but also allows you and your loved ones to enjoy your outdoor space.


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