Perks of Being Single

perks of being single

Being single is not the end of the world. All those sisters, aunts and married friends, or boring relatives who are always after your life – “when are you settling down?” are perhaps jealous of your single status. Because seriously guys, there is nothing more exciting in this world than “being single”.

Don’t feel stressed for your “no-romance” status and also next time, if anyone bugs you for your single status, kindly remind them of the perks of being single discussed below.


perks of being single

You are your only boss and you don’t have to wait for someone’s approval for anything in your life – be it the new wallpaper or staying out with friends till 3 A.M.


perks of being single

Oh yes! That’s the best feeling ever. You can flirt with anyone, at any time, and that too without any amount of guilt feeling.


perks of being single

Sleeping is a sacred activity and when you are single there is no one to disturb you. There is no alarm call to get up early and get ready to meet. All-day long – you can just sleep as much as you want to.


perks of being single

Dating, buying flowers & gifts, restaurant bills, a surprise party, etc. – everything leads up to your expenditure. As you are single, just chill and spend for one only.


perks of being single

Sometimes, you don’t even feel like moving your body and go through the parlour torture just to attend a wedding or event to please your partner. Thus, No relationship = no pressure on shoulders to look radiant = no salon bills.


perks of being single

Singles are the best of friends as they are always free to catch up with a movie or simply stay inside and binge-watch. Your friends are blessed as you are single – trust me.


perks of being single

Want to colour your hair green? Wish to paint your home wall? Want to prepare chicken with wine? Desire to don a blazer with Ghaghra? Just do your kinda experiment.


perks of being single

Being single, you don’t expect to receive that many surprise gifts. You are able enough to buy your gifts and pamper yourself.

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