How to keep cut flowers blooming for a longer time?

Keep flowers blooming for longerIf there is something that can easily bring smile and positivity around an individual, it can’t be none other than the flowers itself. They radiate smile, cheerfulness, good will, positive vibes, freshness, life and beauty all around them. Flowers can amuse the receiver for a longer time when they are in blooming condition and appears fresh. These fresh blooming flowers can effortlessly grab visitor’s attention towards them and can easily make the mornings of any individual truly memorable. However, numerous people are facing this crucial task of how to keep the cut flowers fresh and blooming for a longer time?

This is definitely a great helpful blog that can guide all those people in the right direction in the critical task of keeping the cut flowers blooming for a longer time. Here are some of the useful tips that can help you in maintaining the freshness of the cut flowers for a prolonged period of time.

Take care of the water requirements of the cut flowers on a daily basis- To keep the cut flowers fresher, it is important to maintain the necessary moisture level required for their perfect blooming. You need to check the water level daily to ensure that the flowers are getting adequate moisture or not. Less moisture content/water can cause the flower to dry up and its petals can wither up subsequently.

Check the water type being added to the flower vase- Not just the water quantity but the water quality do matter a lot to maintain the long lasting blooming condition. Although, tap water is fine for the flowers but replacing it with the filtered water will help in keeping your cut flowers fresher for long durations. This will eliminate the need to buy fresh flowers from a nearby florist or online store completely.

Make calculated cuts into the stem of the flowers- A plant needs adequate amount of water to ensure its proper growth and blooming. For ensuring the maximum absorption of water by plant, it is important to trim the stems of the flowers from time to time. This is because the flower stems which are left exposed after being cut are unable to soak the water further and thus needs to be trimmed or cut accordingly. You need to make required cuts in flower stems to ensure optimum level of water and other nutrients are absorbed by the plant.

However, you need to be a little vigilant while cutting the stems and need to perform the action inside the water only in order to avoid the situation of air embolism. This is recommended as the given situation can interfere with the water absorbing ability of a flower stem.

Pay required attention on the flower food- In order to ensure the proper health of your flower, you need to offer it adequate nutrients in addition to the water. There are various flower foods that are available in the market to provide the extra nutritional requirements of a flower. This flower food consists of sugar, an acidifier and bleach that can together help in providing the right amount of nutrition and eliminate the bacterial growth. So, add a small amount of this flower food into your flower pot while changing its water every time.

Keep your flower vase sterilized- If you want to retain the freshness of your flowers for a longer time, it is important to pay proper attention towards cleanliness around the flower pot. Keep the water inside your vase clean and sterilized. If you are not sure about the same, you need to add bleach into the vase water or you can even use the combination of soap and water if the former is not available in your home.

Select the proper placement of the flowers- It is important to keep the flowers in a cool place as the hot temperature causes flower to wilt rapidly. Avoid direct sunlight, heater vents and entry doors from the path of your flowers in order to keep them fresh and blooming for a substantial amount of time.

Take the help of other domestic chemicals- Apart from the above-mentioned tricks, there are other amazing chemicals that are recommended by florists to ensure the proper blooming of your flowers. You can use chemicals and items like Aspirin, Pennies, Vodka, Soda, Mouthwash, Sweet lime water, Apple Cider Vinegar and other such components that can help in preserving the bloom of your cut flowers for a significant period of time.

Final words of Wisdom

With all these wonderful tips in mind, anybody can keep their cut flowers fresh and blooming for a longer time. These simple to do tricks does not require the expertise and assistance of any florist and can provide you desired results in an effortless manner. So, forget visiting the local flower shop or any online florist store to get fresh blooming flowers after every few days with these easy tips.

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