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Greenspiration: Green it Like it you Mean it

Greenspiration-Green it like it you mean it

World Environment Day falls on 5th June and let’s celebrate it by making little changes in our lives to make this world a better place. After all, little efforts collectively make a huge difference. Embracing the eco-friendly way of living and starting from our own houses will do the trick. On that thought, we went ahead and decided to give you major greenspiration. We came up with a guide to an eco-friendly home that you must go through and do your part! Are you ready?

Choose Lamps over Lights

Firstly, always use LEDs in your home. Next, switch over to lamps that work with rechargeable batteries. The lamps will enhance the overall look and can make a big difference in the amount of electricity which is consumed by you.

Use Handcrafted Decor Items

Pick handcrafted items that are made out of waste or safe materials. Idols made with polyresin are environmentally friendly and are in trend as well. For adorning your casa, choose handmade items that look stunning and are completely reusable.

Bring Plants Home

What can be a better way of creating an eco-friendly home than bringing home nature? Air-purifying plants cool down the temperature in the house. It is believed that the houses which have the best indoor plants remain pollution-free as they remove the toxins and other harmful compounds. There is no more need of getting air-purifiers that use a lot of electricity. Home plants like Jade Plant, Money Plant, Peace Lily Plant will do the trick!

Use Glassware

Choose glassware over plastic. Glassware is eco-friendly and looks fancy as well. Drink and store water in glass bottles. Keep your snacks in mason jars and throw away all the plastic you have in your house.

Create an Eco-friendly Home

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While all the above points can be useful for making changes in the house you already live in, you can even pre-plan an eco-friendly home before you start building it. Get solar panels installed, make a space for a garden and use paint colours that are not harmful are a few things that you can take care of.

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