Gift Cards – The Rescue Gift in Quarantine

Gifts convey the message of love that creates an everlasting impression. But in the current times, when social distancing is the need of the hour, people are left with limited options to convey their heartfelt emotions. It has become difficult to deliver joy. During isolation times, Gift Cards come to the rescue! Sending someone you love a gift card can be a meaningful expression of kindness. Gift cards are delivered without any physical contact, hence they are hands-free and safe.

Read further to know the benefits of buying gift cards. You can still touch the hearts of your loved ones without actually touching them (which is a must while practicing social distancing).

  1. No More Gift Hunting

No More Gift Hunting

No more hassle of browsing gift categories online. You can simply pick a gift card for your loved one as per their taste, personality and favourite brand. They can utilize once the self-isolation period is over.

  1. You don’t MOVE, just ‘PLACE ORDER’

You don't MOVE, just 'PLACE ORDER'

Online shopping is a blessing during the tough times of quarantine. To buy gift cards, you don’t even have to go out. You can simply place the order online from the comfort of home. The recipient will receive it online.

  1. Perfect Social Distancing Gift ever

Perfect Social Distancing Gift ever

Since staying physically connected is not an option, gift cards are the perfect social distancing gift options for birthdays and anniversaries.

  1. Everybody Loves a Gift Card

Everybody Loves a Gift Card

Gift cards allow the sender to stay on budget. Also, they are flexible for the recipient and give them the freedom to buy what they really want.

  1. Most Thrifty Gift in Quarantine

Most Thrifty Gift in Quarantine

Even the small and not-so-lavish gift cards can go a long way to make friends and family feel loved on their special days during the testing times of self-isolation.

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