Gift An Experience, Make Memories

Gift An Experience, Make Memories

“I’m always grateful for any kind of moment that keeps my memories alive and gives me a little taste of the excitement I used to get all the time.”

-Bret Hart

Gifting is always equated to a material gift, but have you ever given a chance to experiential gifting? It is the most thoughtful way of expressing your feelings. As per a study at San Francisco State University, people enjoy better from the experiences of life and consider them as better use of money, than materialistic things.
While material gifts are usually kept locked in a dresser, or get worn out after a while, experiential gifting helps to make memories that last forever.

Why Experiential Gifting?

Experiences Help Build Relationships

We all have memories of a fun holiday with friends and family or lunch with someone celebrating a special event. It was a time when you got a chance to communicate with your loved ones, do something you love, and now when you think of those memories, they definitely helped you get closer to them.

For Someone Who Has Everything

We all have that one friend or a family member who has everything. You can’t think of one thing they do not have materialistically. At such moments, the best thing you can give is a memory. You can take them out for a lunch, gift them spa coupons, or maybe take them out for a fun-filled day of adventures.

Experiences Never Go Out Of Style

You can gift the latest fashionable pants, latest technology, or the coolest shoes of the season but all of them will fade away. One thing which never fades away is an unforgettable experience. They are always remembered with love and fill one’s heart with joy.

Experiences Are For All Occasions

Experience gifting is appropriate for all occasions. Your anniversary? Take your spouse out for a romantic weekend getaway. Is it your parent’s anniversary? Gift them a dinner date. Is it your sister’s birthday? Gift her a special spa package. Experiential gifts are appropriate in almost all situations.

Experience Equates To Wonderful Memories

While a material gift may get worn out, or be kept in a cupboard, experiences last forever as memories. You can not wrap memories in a box yet they are valuable and are timeless. Doing something as simple as spending time with someone makes a wonderful memory.

Last Moment Gifting

Forgot to buy a gift? You can do something as simple as cook dinner for someone or make a reservation online. Although it is always better to plan, experience gifting can be done last moment. All you have to do is show up, and leave the rest upon us. Ferns N Petals has a variety of options to choose from that ranges from experience gift ideas for couples to experience gift ideas for mom.

Unique Experiential Gift Ideas

A Poolside Dinner

Enjoying a serene dinner with someone you love can be really relaxing. Imagine sitting by the poolside, and enjoying a delicious meal with someone you love, it can be really therapeutic. It is perfect for occasions like celebrating an anniversary, proposing the love of your life, or simply spending quality time with someone.

A Movie Date

Want to give a surprise to a cinephile? A private movie date would be a wonderful surprise. Paired with a delicious, meal this experience gives one a chance to choose the movie of their choice. 

Paramotor Flying

 Paramotor Flying

A delightful gift for someone who loves adventures, paramotor flying is fun and is absolutely safe. By gifting this experience you can gift someone a sense of freedom. 

Pet An Elephant

Pet An Elephant

Did you and your sibling always want a pet while growing up? You can not go back in time and get a pet, but share that experience for a day. You can pet an elephant for a day where you get a chance to bathe the elephant, cook, take a bareback ride, spend time with the adorable animal, and of course, cuddling is an advantage.

So go ahead, gift an experience, gift a memory and do not forget to share your experiences with us.

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