Dream Employee that every Boss wants

Dream Employee that every Boss wants

Every boss wants an exceptional employee. Every employee wants a boss who recognises and praises his efforts and makes him feel appreciated in the job. In reality, the professional journey of a boss and an employee is full of roller coaster moments.

Have you ever thought how a boss would imagine their dream employee to be? Don’t know about that. But let us share with you some qualities of a dream employee that any boss would want to have.

My Idea is your Idea!

A dream employee is someone who works on ideas for a project all night and next morning comes to the office and tells his boss to present those ideas on his behalf. Why? Simple, because he doesn’t like to be the centre of attention.

Marriage can wait, let me reply to my Boss’s mail first

Generally, an employee would take at least 15-day leave for his marriage. But not our Mr. Dream Employee. He would come to the office the morning after the cocktail sangeet for half a day because he doesn’t drink (read: dream employee), so no hangover, of course.

My job is my passion (literally) & I am dedicated to my company

Rarely do we come across such an employee who considers the company’s problem as his own. So much so that he even asks his boss to cut the transport allowance from his salary to share the loss caused by the pandemic.

My Sunday Plan- Work peacefully sitting in the office

A dream employee is someone who would happily come to the office on Sunday and work. Because he doesn’t want his boss to worry at all about the new project and would finish it on time without companioning even once.


Did the boss get his coffee on time? Did the boss eat his lunch? Does the boss need anything? I think you get the gist. A dream employee is someone who shuffles between professional and personal tasks of a boss like a pro.

Well, a dream employee is hard to find and harder to retain. But there’s no harm in imagining what a dream employee would be like.

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