Different Types of Bosses in every office

Different Types of Bosses in every office

There are different types of bosses, and all have different approaches. Your professional relationship with your boss affects your performance a lot. Knowing your boss and having their full support can result in the harmonious workflow for both.  

Here are different types of bosses you’re likely to meet in your professional journey or every office.

Badass Boss

Well, the most typical type of boss who never expects you to cross deadlines. Also, they know how to turn your weaknesses into strengths and get the job done. 

I know it All Boss

You cannot talk in front of them. They have an opinion about everything & anything & stops you with a standard “I know” phrase all the time.

The one who always shouts Boss

Dare to be 5-minutes late, and this boss will interrogate you like you’re some serious killer. They think they’ll get their way if they raise their voice. 

I don’t know kinda Boss

This kind of boss is always confused. They don’t know a lot of things. Well, with a clueless boss, you always have the advantage of teaching them, and they’ll thank you a ton. 

Buddy Boss

The buddy boss is more of a friend than a boss with whom you party on weekends and do shots. Make sure there’s a balance between your personal and professional relationship.

Two Minute wala Boss

TBH this kind of boss expects you to finish every task within two minutes. They won’t give you more than two minutes to discuss anything or express your views or even write a report. They seem too busy to bother with details.

Perfectionist Boss

Nothing you ever do will be good enough for this kind of boss. Their expectations are way too high. They like to micro-manage and keep finding faults in everything you do. And yes, they’re always ready to lecture you over your mistakes.

MIA Boss 

This kind of boss is always missing in action. They hardly know when you come to the office.  Or what do you do? Or for how many hours you slay in your cubicle every day? They are practically harmless, so you are kind of safe in their presence or absence if we must say.

You do not choose your boss; your boss chooses you. Irrespective of what kind of boss you have, be humble, and you’ll learn a lot from them.

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