Do’s of Gifting

Do's of Gifting

A gift is a token of your love, respect, admiration, happiness, and gratitude. It always fills up the mind of the receiver with happiness and brightens their day. With the exchange of gifts, love enhances in a relationship. A gift is a way of letting someone know that you care for them.

When it comes to selecting a perfect gift, it’s not always easy as there are so many options available. We can even say that gifting is an art and requires a lot of time and thought put into it. There are certain things that you need to do if you want your gift to be better than the rest. In other words, know about the Do’s of gifting and stick to this list every time you have to gift someone:

Personalising the gift

A personalised gift is a way of showing your deep love and respect for someone. The photographs on the gift along with the printed or engraved messages show your emotional investment in making the gift and also in the relationship.

Handmade gifts

Any handmade gift – be it a simple greeting card or a handmade soap, a painting or baked cookies – will touch the hearts of your loved ones. There is a deep emotional attachment, a beautiful recitation of love, and a subtle expression of your care with handmade gifts.

Wrap it well

If you cannot wrap it like a PRO, you can always walk into a shop and ask them to wrap it. You can also take help from online videos and wrap your gift. The wrapping paper must match the theme of the occasion.

Name Tag

When there are occasions like a birthday party, anniversary get-together, or wedding reception, it is not always possible to remember who handed over which gift. And that’s why putting your name on the gift is essential. It will help your gift get noticed. If you don’t do so, there are chances that your friend or relative may think you didn’t bring any gift.

Think & Gift

You must put thoughts while selecting a gift for your dear ones. The likes, dislikes, interests, and hobbies of the other person must be understood well to find a thoughtful gift that will be remembered for ages.

Recall old conversations

When you are unable to decide on a particular gift, just close your eyes and recall the old conversations you had with your friend, spouse, relative, mom, sister, dad, brother, etc. Remember what they have told you that they want or wish they had. Those ways you will know exactly what to gift.

Remember to remove the Price Tag

Your loved ones should know about your deep love for them that is reflecting on the gift that you have selected. The money that you paid for that particular must not be known to them. So, please remember to scratch off the price tag. Keeping the price tag intact is a sign of rudeness.

Keep the receipt

You hand over the gift to your loved ones but also ask them in case they don’t like the colour or have an issue with the design, cut, material, etc. they can exchange it. Remember the ultimate goal is to gift them what they like.

Add Notes

While packing the gift, you can add some notes and make the gift more personal. While opening the gift box, the other person would be excited and elated.

Know the Unexpected Timing

During birthday or anniversary or any other special event, it is expected that gifts would arrive. That’s why to make your gift more special, you can select a day when it is least expected. A week after the birthday or two days before the anniversary, etc.

Talk to their friends

When you are a bit unsure of “what to gift”, you can directly ask the person. But again that would kill the surprise element. So, talk to their friends and get to know what he/she likes or what would they love to be gifted.

Gift as per their taste

When you are selecting a gift for someone, please keep your choices away. You may not like reading but if your friend or relative does, you must get a nice book or a bookend or a reading lamp or any other reading-related gifts. While packing it, mix your taste of gift wrap, write a nice note, etc. It should not be the other way round.

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