Do’s & Don’ts of Wedding Gifts

do's n don'ts of wedding gifts

It’s February and the wedding season is in full swing. While you are deciding on what to gift, knowing some ground rules of gifting at weddings can help you save time. 

Do’s of Wedding Gifts

Research & gift something as per the couple’s taste

dos of gifting

Just ask their relatives or friends about their taste and personality to get a better gift. In case you are friendly to them, then you may ask them directly.

Mention your name

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A wedding is a big event and a lot of times you are confused about “who has gifted which box”. Everything loses track despite someone keeping an eye on the gifts. So, it is good practice to mention your name inside the box along with a nice note.

Remove price tag

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Whatever product you are choosing, remove the price tag. That is the basic rule of gifting. The couple should know about your deep thoughts behind the chosen gift and not how much you have spent on it.

Pack your gift simply

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Gift packing should be simple yet beautiful and elegant. Too much packing eats up the suspense of what is inside.

Buy gift cards of places they shop

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While buying gift cards for the couple, please do some basic research. The brand must be easily accessible to the couple’s address and most importantly the couple must have a liking towards that brand.

Don’ts of Wedding Gifts

Expired Gifts

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A wedding is a happy event and a couple is entering a new life together. Be it cosmetics, gift cards, anything that carry batteries, and flowers – be very particular about the freshness and warranty of your chosen gifts.

Home Décor & Daily Essential things

donts of gifting

A couple is going to build a home together. They would want things of their choices (quite obviously) and that’s why it is high time you say NO to those toasters, bedsheets, casseroles, or dinner sets.

Never present the gift with one hand only

donts of gifting

Presenting gifts with one hand is bad manners. Use both your hands while gifting because that shows generosity and humbleness.

Stay away from edible gifts

donts of gifting

And in case you are presenting a hamper of edible gifts, kindly make sure the boxes are not expired. Also, abstain from presenting perishable items because the couple might not find time immediately to open your gift box.

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