Desi Weapons Of Indian Moms- Which One Rules At Your Home?

Desi Weapons of Moms

In that three-lettered word “MOM” there is a teacher, cheerleader, friend, philosopher, guide, & critic. Moms are the inspiration to move ahead in life. Moms have a loving and caring side which is soft and delicate. But her care and love are also expressed aggressively and in those expressions, she uses her favorite weapons. If you are above 25-30, by now, you understand very well that all those scolding and teaching of your mom actually were necessary. Thank your mom for those glorious & extravagant days when she left no stones unturned to correct you. You are a generous, loving, and mature person today and the credit can go to some of the weapons that your mom used.

Here is a list of some desi weapons of Indian Moms and let us know which one ruled at your home:

Chappal – Heaven Resides At The Foot of Moms:

Chappal or Chittar

“Maa k charano me swarg hota hai” – Does heaven really reside at mom’s feet? If yes, then, does that look like a chappal?

When the kid is stubborn, lazy, and basically of no use, the Indian mom knows how to correct him/her. Simply, they throw a chappal pointing right at the kids and within a minute, the kids magically straighten their attitude. Moms have the sharpest eyes of an eagle and remember that even an Abhinav Bindra may miss a target, but moms cannot!

Sotee/Bat – Ohh She Loves Cricket Too!


India is a cricket loving country. Some of the world’s best cricket players belong to India. Moms here are also fans of cricket along with their kids. Sotee is a wooden piece that resembles a cricket bat and is used to wash clothes. So, every time a kid is throwing tantrum or not ready to agree with his/her mom, then, the mom shows her cricket skills. The print of sotee on skin remain fresh for days….but the child learns not to disagree with mom ever again.

Jhaadu/Broom – Yes, She Is The Principal of Hogwarts:


Jhaadu means broom and in India that is the most favorite weapon of moms. Apart from cleaning the mess of the house, brooms help in correcting the kids. Moms will ask the kids for 10-12 days continuously to clean the room and maintain cleanliness all around the house. But when the kids ignore the request repetitively over a period of time, then, they get a dose from their mom.

Belan/Rolling Pin – Maa Ke Hatho Mein Jaadu Hai Sachchi:

Rolling Pin

The moment when the kids fuss about the food served at the dinner table, they realize, that their mom’s hands have more magic than they have ever imagined. The “jadoo” or “magic” is not only in the food that she prepares but also in that rolling pin used to make rotis. The moment any kid is complaining about kaddu, lauki, tinda, or bhindi – a flying rolling pin will arrive. Moms even run after their kids with that rolling pin to correct them! So, to avoid such ruckus, the kids eat their food without making any noise because they know both the ways “maa ke hatho mein jaadu hai”.

Thappad/Jhapad – Kisne Kaha Isse Darr Nahi Lagta?!

One Tight Slap

That “one tight slap” of Indian moms are the cheapest, easiest, and always available child correction weapon. Barring Sonakshi Sinha, every desi kid is petrified of that. No matter how old the child grows, a mom would never think twice before slapping the kids whenever she finds any foul play. It seems like moms can smell such “wrongdoings” of the children.

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