Home Decoration Ideas for Christmas

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Christmas is that charming time of the year when the mind is festive. Friends, relatives, and guests drop at our place to exchange good wishes and of course lovely gifts. Here are some thrilling decoration ideas that you can use for the upcoming holiday season.

10 Charming Christmas Decoration Ideas

  1. Organize or Re-organize Bookshelf: Bookshelf is the most intellectual furniture you have at home of course for the knowledgeable books. For the season of Christmas, decorating the bookshelf in your living room or study room would add a nice texture to your home. You must be having leftover gift wraps at home and you can use them to wrap your books. Place some Christmas figurines like reindeer, snowman, or Santa in your bookshelf and give a festive look to your furniture.
  2. Paint the Doormat: Doormat is a necessary item in your home and after you are done with washing, it’s the time for painting the doormat. Paint some white trees or just add a few stripes of red and green paint on the doormat and welcome Christmas wholeheartedly.
  3. Choose a small Christmas Tree: Bring in a small Christmas tree and ask your kids to unleash their creativity to decorate this tree. You may use wrappers of chocolates to make chains and hang around the tree. Bigger is not always better and opting for smaller trees would make your place look cute for sure. To prepare decorative balls, use cricket balls from your kid’s collection and wrap it up with glossy red or golden or green papers.
  4. Pine in Vase: Include some pine boughs in vases and keep it in every room which would give a merry look to your home. Use the corners of your room for this decoration idea.
  5. Decorate the Windows: Not only doors, but windows should also be decorated in a gentle way. Use embroidered hoops and just glue some ferns or any greenery to make a thin and simple wreath. Hang it on your window and that would sizzle up your home.
  6. Seasonal Scent: You don’t have to burn fragrant candles to make your home smell of the Christmas nostalgic holidays. You can use a bunch of cinnamon sticks in a magnolia garland to spread a lovely fragrance all over your home. Keep that near the fireplace or anywhere in your drawing room.
  7. Wreath for Front Door: Of course, you would be buying fancy wreaths to decorate your main door from the front side. But buy two more charming wreaths of mixed color roses and hang it inside which would double the Christmas fun. Make a bow with red and white satin ribbon and stuff in the blank space of these wreaths.
  8. A Foodie Christmas Tree: Where you have arranged the seating for your friends, relatives, and guests can have a big Christmas tree with cookies, cupcakes, and candies hanging from every branch. Cranberries, ribbon cookies, garlands of popcorns are available for such decoration. So, spruce up your living room, lawn, or terrace with this fabulous decoration.
  9. Bar Cart Decoration: Christmas is that happy time of wine drinking! Make sure you decorate the bar cart with flowers and leaves. Make a chain of red, yellow, and white roses or carnations along with some leaves and twirl it around the bar cart.
  10. Dry Fruits and Candles or tea lights: A platter of dry fruits and candles or tea lights definitely forms a great gift option for your loved ones during Christmas. You can bring charm to your get-together session by bringing a decorative tray filled with mixed dry fruits and keep a glowing candle or tea light in a holder just at the center.

All these amazing Christmas decoration ideas are simple to implement and requires minimum things and thus would take less time. So, welcome Christmas in an elegant style!

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