Common Situations Every Couple Faces In A Relationship

Common Situations Every Couple Faces In A Relationship

A good marriage is the union of two good forgivers.

-Mark Twain

This famous quote by Mark Twain is the biggest survival tip for married couples. No, it is not meant to scare you or anything. But without the element of humour and forgiveness, it becomes tough to survive a married relationship.

Being married is a wonderful feeling. It feels good to have someone by your side who makes you smile and wipes your tears. Doing chores together seems fun. And nothing can beat the joy of coming back home to a person who means the world to you. But over time the equation between couples changes in a married relationship. Things they used to love about each other earlier become regular after a point of time. The frequency of fighting over silly reasons tends to increase with the years of marriage. The scenario is pretty much the same and unavoidable for all the couples. Scroll down to read some funny incidents that every couple faces in a relationship.

Doing Laundry is an Ongoing Issue

Doing laundry is a never-ending process in all married households. Even after having an agreed-upon method for laundry, couples always end up fighting about it. And there’s no right way to do the laundry. It is just your partner’s way that you need to follow to get a done-perfect-laundry-acceptance-letter from them.

Fights that end with Compromise

People generally have this thought in mind that compromise is the tool of the weak. But if you ever get a chance to talk to a married couple they’ll tell you that it is one of the best tricks to survive marriage. No matter how much a husband and wife fight about showing up to a relative’s wedding or planning the destination for holidays. In the end, they always have to compromise and settle for a middle ground, which is acceptable to both.

Apologizing Becomes Futile

At the starting of marriage, people are considerate towards their partners and try their best to make them feel comfortable. They use their ‘Please’ & ‘Sorry’ as and when required. But over the years, displaying good manners in front of the partner starts to feel like a formality. The couples don’t even bother to apologize for farting or burping around each other. And none of the partners takes offense!

The Fight over Wet Towel

We have all been there. Married couples will relate to it. That constant fight about not keeping a wet towel over the bed, but eventually that’s the only place it lands after the shower. In fact, after a point of time, the day starts to seem unfinished if you do not have a wet towel fight with your partner in the morning.

Dates Become Excuses to Eat Out

Remember how you used to eagerly wait for weekend dates with your partner in the starting years of marriage. Later, the romantic dates turn into excuses to eat out. Yes, because you are tired of cooking and eating self-made food. You want to taste delicious cuisines cooked by another human being. So you wait for the date to arrive.

Forgetting Birthdays & Anniversaries

We are not saying it happens very often. But during the entire course of married life to date, your partner must have forgotten your birthday or anniversary at least once. And eventually, that act of forgetting must have resulted in a fight. Trust me, you are not alone in it. It happens with almost every couple. But what makes the relationship special is the way your partner makes up for his/her mistake in the end.

Acting Weird in Front of Each Other

Believe it or not, being married gives you the freedom to be your weirdest self in front of your partner. Be it making faces or bad dancing, you tend to do it in front of your partner without any hesitation. You don’t try hard to look attractive in front of your partner. Not because they don’t look at you in a romantic manner anymore. Once the relationship progresses, the inner beauty of your partner talks to you in a more thoughtful way.

No Hidden Secrets

Married couples tell each other everything. Yes, everything. Even if you say something to a married friend and ask them not to talk about it to anyone, they would agree to keep it a secret, but not from their partner. They’ll share the entire conversation with their partner. There are no hidden secrets between married couples.

Anniversary Celebrations Change over Years

The first wedding anniversary reflects love, companionship, and adjustment in marriage. It brings the couple together when they walk hand-in-hand remembering beautiful moments from their first year together. After the 2nd 3rd, 5th, 10th, and 20th year of marriage, the anniversary becomes more of a social gathering rather than a ‘couple thing’. But as the 25th anniversary arrives, it makes the couple realize that they have spent a good amount of time together. This emotional feeling brings them closer together and gets them excited about their relationship.

We hope the married couples would relate to these situations and relive the sweet-bitter moments of married life.


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