Celebrating Mother’s Day during Quarantine

Celebrating Mother’s Day during Quarantine

A mother is someone who makes every day comfortable for the entire family. Mother’s Day is your chance to make her feel loved & special. Currently, the entire country is dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19. That should not stop you from celebrating Mother’s Day. However, you have to be a little more innovative to impress your mother. While you are in self-quarantine, we thought of giving you all possible ideas that can help you to make it special for mom:-



Start the day right by cooking and serving her favourite breakfast in bed. Capture her reaction on camera and save it as a precious memory. The surprise and luxury of enjoying food in bed will make her feel like the queen she is.



Currently, when beauty treatment services are unavailable, you can offer your mom the gift of massage at home. Be her masseuse for a day and comfort her with a relaxing head and shoulder massage.



With plenty of time in hand, you can go through old pictures and relive sweet memories with your mum. It is a great way to re-connect and strengthen your relationship (You don’t get to do that very often)



Living away from home during quarantine? Technology is the best option to re-connect with your mom on Mother’s Day. You can opt for a video call. Just seeing your happy face will comfort her and make her feel good.



You can inspire your mom to pursue hobbies like painting, photography, or dancing maybe. It can be anything she always wanted but never really got the time to pursue.


Surprise your mom with a unique gift. Arrange for a guitarist or musician on Video Call and request for her favourite songs to be played. She will surely remember your loving gesture for a long time.

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