Advantages of Being the Last Born Child

Advantages of Being the Last Born Child

Oh! The perks of being the last born child are many. Basically, you are the blessed one, and we can already see you smiling. From getting pampered by relatives to receiving special treatments from parents, you have got a pretty sorted life! Your elder siblings may not like you much, but they end up loving you as you’ll still be the ‘Baby’ of the house. And, so let’s state the obvious and discuss all the advantages of being the last born child that you will relate to!

No Blames

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Whether you started the fight or broke your mother’s favourite glassware, you don’t get the blame. Either your elder sibling will be blamed or no one at all. As you are the adorable one, and you can’t make mistakes!

Got Bodyguards

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Oh yes! You have got the elder brother or sister that will always protect you from everything and everyone. You always take advantage of them and love saying ‘Should I call my brother?’.

Getting Pampered

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Whether it’s relatives, parents or your siblings, you are the centre of attention. From big birthday parties to a plethora of gifts, you got it all!

Clothes Galore

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Your elder sibling has the coolest wardrobe, and you what their’s is yours. No matter how much they scold you but you still steal their clothes and show off!

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