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7 Relatable Bro Sis Moments that’ll Leave you in Splits

Relatable Bro Sis Moment

Our siblings mean the world to us. We can’t live with them and can’t live without them. We may agree to disagree and fight like crazy, but in the end, our bond with our brothers and sisters is solid gold. They have a permanent place in our lives and are undoubtedly irreplaceable. We share a bond of Sneh a.k.a pure love, with our brothers and sister. Sometimes they may have your back, and on other occasions, they may just throw you under the bus. Isn’t it true? We know it is, and so we came up with relatable brother and sister moments that’ll make you laugh and leave you nostalgic!


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Our brothers or sisters just don’t have the word ‘boundaries’ in their vocab. Taking your favourite t-shirt or sunscreen is just a common thing that you will relate to!


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Yes, they will have theirs, and then the new target is your chocolate. Why? It’s simple, little brothers are mom’s favourite, and they can take whatever they want to.


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Oh! Let’s talk about the elder brother or sister who thought our parents got them a servant and not a younger brother or sister. ‘Main Badi hun, Pani lao’. All of us can surely relate to this statement. We bet the older ones have a cunning smile on their face right now!


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If your brother or sister is your parent’s favourite, then your future is doomed. Why? We think you know the answer as you have given a lot of sacrifices. From your favourite toy to dinner being all about their favourite dish, it happens every time.


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That fight which actually lasted for many days. Lines were crossed and World War III was initiated. If you think about it now, you can’t stop laughing over it! Isn’t it?

#Remote or #WifiSaga

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There are some issues that will always be common in all households. Brothers and sisters fighting over the remote or the wifi password. An extremely relatable moment as your childhood was pretty much all about it!


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Let’s not forget about the secret love bond brothers and sisters share with each other. Remember, when your mom scolded your younger brother? You may have enjoyed it but walking up to him and trying to cheer him up says it all. Those Maggi nights, surprise gifts, and secret outings will always make us nostalgic about the love we have for our siblings.

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