7 Promises That You Should Make To Your Partner This Valentines 2019


Love, trust, loyalty, respect, and faith are some of the basic tenets of a healthy and flourishing love relationship. When there is mutual trust, respect towards each other’s ideologies, care for all the low moments, & high five for all the exciting moments – then the love relationship is almost a temple from where only rays of positivity exude. Now to remain loyal all the traits of a healthy relationship requires a commitment for sure. If anyone of the couple lacks that, fights would crop up leading to temporary or permanent wreckage of the relationship.  So, this 2019, on the most romantic month of the year, pledge that you would always stay committed to the promises you make to your partner.

Now, these promises can be tricky sometimes because you also don’t know what the future holds for you tomorrow. So, rather than promising a lavish holiday every couple of months, promise to bring more adventure to your relationship! Always remember that your promise should be made with a simple intention of fostering a healthy relationship. Once you make that sure in your mind, keeping promises would be easier.

Here are some ideas of promise that you should make to your partner this year:

Being A Good Listener:

If you are already a listener, then you have already done a great job. But for all those who talk more or remain lost in their own world mostly must take a promise to be a compassionate listener. Promise your partner that you would work on your listening skills and make him/her feel happier. Sometimes, we all need someone who would only listen without judging or without providing a solution and this helps to breathe. So, whenever your partner is in the need to talk, be that ear of reliability and this would take your relationship to a better level.

Be In Your Own Skin:

Yes, a love relationship requires you to adjust somewhere or sacrifice certain things/habits. But you also have to let your partner feel that you are vulnerable in front of him/her. You should not hide anything from your partner. You should bare yourself totally in front of your partner without being ashamed of your flaws. Your partner needs to know every bit of you because that’s where faith and honesty resides!

Let Him/Her Be Their Own Self:

The world is a large place where people are different from each other. If people would have been the same, then there would have been an “identity crisis”. Everyone is normal by being different from you. So, there has to be a respect for the differences. If you don’t like a certain taste of your partner, then politely let him/her know about that rather than being rude or simply stay away from his/her space. You and your partner should be the comfortable cushion to each other where each one can be their own self without any inhibitions. Promise to let each other be truthful to your own selves!

Encourage Growth:

Everyone is born with some kind of talent and you should always encourage that. Make your partner feel that he/she is the best, inspire them to learn more skill and be better than the best, allow them to grow in their field of excellence. This Promise Day or Valentine’s Day, encourage your partner to touch the sky rather than being judgmental or critical of their creativity!

Quality Time:

Time would always be a constraint and you will always have to schedule your time for your love. Everyone is busy with their web of work and amidst all these, you have to promise to each other to spend quality time with each other. Sit down and decide on which days of the month you guys can be free for each other. Spend that whole day with each other without indulging into any kind of office work or any other domestic chores! This kind of date ideas always brings refreshment in relationships! This one day would substitute all the missed days of togetherness, fun, and excitement.

Give Space To Breath:

Many relationships hit a low because the partners are reluctant to give space to each other. This Valentine’s Day, promise your partner that you will give them space so that they can spend their time with their friends, relatives, or family members, or colleagues.

More Team Work:

The way you work at the office can be applied in your home too. You and your partner live in a house and invest in a relationship and effective teamwork has to go there. If he/she is late from office, cook the food or clean the home or take turns to go to the grocery and clean clothes. Even after taking turns there will be times when one is stuck at the traffic or busy in a boardroom, and that’s when you have to keep your cool and be understanding of the situation. A great team is all about hard work and understanding!


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