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7 Innovative Ideas to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

5th March is celebrated as Employee Appreciation Day. In a lot of companies, there is no such concept as this. Why do we need to do it? They are getting paid to do this job- are some thoughts that come across our minds. If you want to increase the overall productivity, appreciating the employees is the simple most effective technique. It is the perfect way to show them that you are grateful for their hard work. Simple appreciation notes can keep your employees motivated. This year put in more efforts and let them know that they are valued in the organisation. It will surely improve their performance and boost their morale. Here is a list of innovative ideas to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day that you must check out.

Play Games & Socialize

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Make the day all about fun-packed games and let the employees socialise among themselves and with the management.

Gift Hampers

Gifts are an essential part of any occasion. Create a gift hamper with snacks and goodies and add a special note that says ‘Thank you’. You will surely bring a smile to their faces with a stunning corporate gift hamper.

Provide a Lunch Experience

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Take all the employees for lunch and prepare a delicious menu of their choice. From starters to desserts, let them relish all the scrumptious delights.

Throw a Happy Hour

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Take your employees out or arrange a happy hour session at the office. Let them enjoy the day while they savour refreshing drinks and chill with other employees.

Take a Trip

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You can take your employees on a trip and make them feel appreciated. Plan a trip to a nearby place and give them a relaxing break where they can interact with the management and where there are no deadlines.

Bring in Treats

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A toothsome box of treats will make your employees feel elated for sure. Prepare a list of their favourites and bring in all the delights on the d-day.

Gift Cards

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Get gift cards for your employees and let them shop according to their choice. A gift card will make them super happy for sure and is the best way to appreciate them.

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