5 Budget-Friendly New Year Party Ideas

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Budget-Friendly New Year Party Ideas

So, the countdown has begun! The year 2018 is about to wrap up and “Party” is reigning high on everyone’s mind. There are some friends whom perhaps you meet only once a year and then there are also some new faces with whom you bond over a New Year Party. And everyone forgets their agony and aches and marches towards a new chapter with a smile on their faces and hope in their minds. Some people prefer to send lovely gifts to their friends and relatives. But, most of the people opt to go out and enjoy with their comfort friends. But if you want a budget-friendly party, then you should not think about the bars and restaurants at this time of the year. Now, if you are the host of a party, then you must take extra care of food, drinks, or crockery. Check out some more budget-friendly New Year Party ideas and implement them this 31st December to save your own money.

Bonfire Party:

A bonfire party, especially if you belong to any part of North India is the “need of the hour” truly. Because most of North India is under the cold wave at this time of the year. One of the many massive sensations of winter season lies in forming a circle around the bonfire with only close pals and cheering for the whole night. You are lucky if you have a home in some hill station. But if you stay in a metro city, then you can choose the rooftop or lawn or a park to celebrate the New Year Party in a budget. Home-cooked food and snacks can be served along with drinks. Some can strum the guitar, some can dance, and some can narrate a story to stay awake and embrace 2019.

Potluck Party:

This is the best, cheapest, time-saving, and one of the fun way to welcome 2019. Call those friends or relatives who are always in your thick and thin in this party and tell them to bring anything. The deal is that they cannot get it ordered online or ask their moms to prepare it. Have a group discussion so that everyone doesn’t end up bringing main course dishes only and completely forget the desserts. Choose a friend’s place to munch on everything from starter to the main course, slurp the dessert, and drink the mocktails. This is always a nice idea because this way, everyone is involved in paying the bill. Later on, you can bully each other about “how bad the taste was!”

Candles Décor:

One of the major areas of concern, when you are hosting a New Year Party, is that you have to look into the department of home décor also. As many people would come into your house and that’s why it should be neat and clean. One of the best ideas is to go for simple candles décor. After you are done with cleaning, indulge yourself into making your own candle and place them on places like a coffee table, sofa table, side table, dining table, etc. Check various videos on YouTube and learn these tricks of candle making while you have to host the party. People would appreciate the simple, elegant, and warm attitude of your place.


Buy Your Own Booze or Bring Your Own Appetizer – obviously is the cheapest New Year Party idea. There are tendencies of people to waste drinks too especially when they are partying at someone else’s place. So, if you make it clear out loud that people have to bring their own booze, there would be less wastage for sure. Everyone knows their capacity of drinking and depending on that, they would bring their alcohol. The same rule can apply for appetizer also. Make it an “either-or” situation where some can bring the booze while some can opt for an appetizer.

Opt For Disposable Items:

There are chances that some might get too high and break your favorite wine glass. If you don’t want to lament on that incident later, then opt for disposable glasses. Also, if you stay away from your family, then perhaps arranging too many plates, spoons, or bowls won’t be possible. And even when you stay at your place and there is an availability of nice crockery items, switching over to disposables would be a better option. Because that would save your time of washing them the next day.

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