1st Anniversary Special- Ways to Impress your Better Half

1st Anniversary- ways to impress your better half

A span of 365 days is enough to understand your partner (all minor details included) and accept the flaws in each other. Day in and day out you discovered each other in new ways and that’s why 1st anniversary calls for a fabulous celebration. The excitement of your 1st anniversary is special because it is the first celebration of togetherness and which you will celebrate with hope in your heart and remember it for many years to come.

Here are some unique ways to make your 1st-anniversary special-

Romantic Dinner Date:

romantic Dinner Date

This idea of a romantic dinner date is something classic and elegant. And it will perhaps never go stale among couples. You can go out for a romantic candlelight dinner in a lavish 5-star restaurant or give your home a lovely makeover to enjoy a romantic dinner date night. Spread rose petals on your dining table, light up some fragrant candles, and pour fine/vintage champagne. Enjoy each other’s company accompanied by soothing music and promise each other that the upcoming days would also be this romantic.

Plan a Trip:


You know which is the dream destination of your better half- right? If not, first of all, get to know that and then plan a lovely trip. A trip to an unknown place always works as a glue in a relationship. Walk around a new city, discover fascinating facts about a historical place, chill by the ocean, or trek the mountain – that ways you will come closer to each other and the romance will surely increase.

Photo Shoot:

Photo Shoot

A romantic photoshoot with the best designer clothes as well as the regular clothes would be a great idea to document the story of your life beautifully. The regular wear would suggest the normal mundane days in your life while the designer wears would suggest special events. And in all these moments, the solid companionship that you share is the only constant. Ages down the line when you will see this photo book, various memories would roll down their cheeks and float in your eyes.

Movie under Stars:

movie under stars

Various farmhouses are there who offer such romantic getaways. Just contact them or arrange the same at home. Bring a white screen and projector along with a few cushions and mats to enjoy this amazing experience. You can set up this on your terrace or in a garden as per convenience.

Hot balloon Ride:

hot balloon ride

A hot balloon ride in the early morning or dusk would be another great way to celebrate the first anniversary. Floating in the air – in the company of each other and some lively balloons – enjoying the picturesque surreal beauty of a city is something that can give goosebumps to anyone. It will always be a cherished memory.

Couple Spa:

couple spa

Spa helps people relieve physical pains and emotional stress. You will feel more energetic and younger after a spa. So, book a “couple spa” and spend is a relaxing, elegant, classy, and unique anniversary day.

Wine Tasting:

Wine Tasting

To celebrate the 1st anniversary, you can visit the countryside vineyard and spend the day in wine tasting. Of course, this is functional in case both of you are crazy wine-lovers. Isn’t that a romantic idea to hold each other’s hands and roam around the lush greenery and sip various wines?

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