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What is the Worst that can Happen if you tell the Truth?

What is the Worst that can Happen if you tell the Truth

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “There is no God higher than the truth”. But do we speak the truth? Do we really say what’s inside our hearts to our closest ones? We often believe that sometimes telling the truth may end up hurting people. Should that stop us from saying it? We face the dilemma of speaking the truth in our daily lives, workplace or at home. Most of the time fear of hurting our near and dear ones comes in the way. How many of us express what we feel? What is the worst that can happen if you tell the truth? To say it or not to say it?

As a brand that is all about celebrating emotions and relationships, we thought of decoding this dilemma by giving you insights into what is the worst that could happen if you speak the truth. The last point surely hits a chord!

Things that Stop us from Saying what we feel

Emotions May Get Hurt

Yes! They will & they should! If a family member or friend hurts you, you should correct them by telling the truth. It will be beneficial for them and even your relationship in the long run. So, don’t be scared of hurting emotions and say it as it is but in a humble tone.

Losing the Relationship

As humans, we are scared to lose the important people in our life, be it our boyfriend, husband, mother or sister. Not everyone will understand your values, and they end up leaving you. But, that is fine. You deserve better people as those who can’t face the truth are habitual of lying repetitively, and they will keep hurting your emotions.

Getting a Violent Reaction

Are you afraid of a violent reaction? It will happen if the person values anger more than the truth and feelings. For a peaceful life, you should avoid drama and violent people. So, just say it, and you will feel better.

Benefits of Saying the Truth

Strengthens Relationships

Relationships need a reality check to prosper. Say your partner hurt you by flirting with someone or your brother is lying to your father, what will you do? Will you keep quiet to save your relationship? No, you shouldn’t. Just explain your point and it will improve your bond. How? It’s simple. They will understand your point and will think that you care. In the former case, your partner will realise how they hurt you and can work on it. On the other hand, your brother will understand the value of telling the truth and the bigger picture where he can form a better relationship with your father. Isn’t it a win-win for everyone?

Reduces Anxiety & Stress

To cover up one lie, you have to utter hundreds of them. Why stress yourself with those hundreds? Just tell the truth and release all the stress and anxiety that it is causing.

Increases Confidence

If you are someone who doesn’t lie and always chooses the truth, you will see a difference in your confidence level. Even other people might see it. But it surely releases a heavy weight off your shoulders and you are no longer hiding under the weight of lies. It will uplift your spirit.

Helps in Earning Trust & Respect

Who will you trust more? The person who lies often or straight away tells the truth? We think it is the latter. You may disagree or even hate them for a while, but in the end, you know that you can trust them and the respect automatically increases.

How to Effectively Say what you feel

Avoid the Accusatory Tone

The hardest part of saying the truth is decoding the right way to say it. Skip the accusatory tone at all costs. Take a deep breath and frame your sentence in a way that is less accusatory, and more explanatory. Remember, you don’t have to fight to explain your point.

Be Empathetic

Before saying it aloud, say it to yourself. Hear the truth first and see how it sounds. Does it sound rude? Reframe at all costs and have a little empathy for the person. They may have hurt you with their lie, but they know it is not right. Being empathetic will always make you win and express yourself in a better way.

Don’t Get Defensive

If the person denies what they did or becomes aggressive, choose the saintly way. Don’t argue or get defensive. It will make the other person feel that you want to solve this and are not playing the blame game. Listen to what they have to say and then react.

Accept the Reaction & Let Go

No matter what their reaction is, just say the truth and move on. If they accept it and apologise, then let it go. And, if they go all violent and cut all ties because of the truth, even then let go. Acceptance and letting go are true forms of bliss.

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