This World Smile Day- Make a Difference

world smile day - 3rd Oct

“Peace begins with a smile” – Mother Teresa

It takes only 26 facial muscles to smile and no makeup or beauty filter can have that effect on the face as a smile has. World Smile Day is celebrated every first Friday of October. It was first celebrated in 1999. This day was formed with a goal that the world should devote one day every year only to smile and be kind for no reason. In doing that one must forget the boundaries marked by politics, geography, or religion. It was Harvey Ball who created that “Smiley Face” in 1963 and after he died in 2001, the “Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation” was formed to honour this great man’s name and work. This foundation continues to be the official patron of World Smile Day which is all about the complete demonstration of generosity.

How Smile Helps You?

  • It makes you look more attractive. Seriously, not only Madhuri Dixit, any woman or man looks bright and beautiful with a smile on their faces.
  • A smile helps you win arguments. With a frown on your face and irritation in your voice, you may not win over others or persuade people but with a smiling face, you can.
  • You can build faster and better relationships wearing that smile on your face.
  • When you smile often, your stress releases. You must remember Dr. Asthana of Munnabhai M.B.B.S who often bursts into laughter after hearing anything traumatic? There is something called laughter therapy that helps people overcome tension.
  • People will start smiling themselves when they remember your smile because they say a smile is contagious.

How You Can Make A Difference This World Smile Day?

  1. World Smile Day is all about laughing more and making people laugh more. You can distribute gifts, candies, chocolates, etc. among poor kids at a traffic signal, visit an orphanage or old age home and spend time with those people who are devoid of family.
  2. Ask a question to yourself, do you smile often? Do people around you smile often? If not, then, it is a sign of stress. Inspire those people to shed off some weight off their hearts and join a laughter club. World Smile Day would be a great day to ask people to enroll in a club and be a better person.
  3. If you are a teacher or a home tutor, then, you can organize a special “sit & draw competition”. The theme can be “draw whatever makes you smile”. Get interesting prizes for the winners.
  4. You can arrange a “Stand Up Comedy Show” in your society where people can join and have a good laugh. Or you can arrange a gathering where the members of society can perform comedy skits. This will give you another opportunity to do something together and all for a good laugh.
  5. If you have good contacts with Doctors then you can arrange for a seminar in schools, colleges, or local clubs with psychiatrists who can educate people about the benefits of smiling more and smiling often.
  6. If you are an employer, then, you can give a day off to your workers and make them indulge in fun group activities or go for a picnic from your office.
  7. In your office, you can organize a “fun day”. Make people wear colourful clothes that carry funny or quirky quotes. Your workers will remain cheerful all through the day and that energy will be transformed in their performance also.


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