The Best Romantic Books of All Times

Best Romantic Books of All Times

A romantic novel, an aromatic cup of coffee and your comfy bean bag, sounds like your kinda morning? Whether you are with your bae or alone, spending time while reading a novel is time well spent. When it comes to romance books, you can find a massive collection to choose from. We prepared a trove of the best romantic books of all times that can add to your collection. Get all cosy with your better half, make coffee, pick a phenomenal love story from our list and slide away to the world of romance and happy endings!

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

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The bond between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice is quite interesting. Written by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice won a lot of hearts and is the ultimate romantic novel that you must have!

The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

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The Notebook is a famous novel written by Nicholas Sparks. Noah and Allie are the cutest couples, and their love story gives us goosebumps and couple goals for sure!

Me Before You – Jojo Meyes

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Me Before You is a novel that is all about unconditional love. Louisa and William have great chemistry, and their love story will leave you in tears!

A Walk to Remember – Nicholas Sparks

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Nicholas Sparks has written phenomenal novels for the people who are passionate about love and romance. Another amazing novel on our list is A Walk to Remember that is an extremely emotional book, and Jamie’s secret filled us with sadness.

Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

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An epic romance novel, Outlander is written by Diana Gabaldon. This love saga takes you back to the 18th century, and Jamie and Claire’s bond will blow your mind away. This novel is perfect for the couple who like classic tales of love!

Our collection of the best romantic books at all times will take you to the world of fairytales. So, explore our list, read the novels and let us know about the ones that impressed you in the comment section below!


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