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Singles Day Special- Things that only Singles would Relate to

Singles Day Special

Being single comes with its share of perks and drawbacks. On one hand, you enjoy doing things your way while on the other hand, you crave endless love and care of a companion. It feels good to know that you don’t have to share your food with someone but at the same time it feels lonely to eat alone. At times, singles may feel a little isolated amidst the so-much-in-love couples. These recurrent feelings are experienced by almost all the single people in the world. Read further to know some more facts that singles would surely relate to.

Tired of Explaining Why You’re Single

People keep bothering you with silly questions about your relationship status. Why are you single? You are too hot to be single. Don’t you want a special someone in your life? And the list goes on and on. You get tired of explaining to people that you are single by choice but they just don’t seem to understand it like Quantum Physics or Hyperbola Theorem. 

You Loathe Tinder As You Love It

You may criticize Tinder and see it as an excuse for hook-ups. But the truth is, that app is secretly hidden in a corner of your mobile phone, which you dared to try once. But the moment you got a match on Tinder, you got nervous and closed the app and never really tried to open it again.

Constant Reminder from Friends That You’re Single

Your friends are always after your single status and keep trying to set you up with their other single friends. They turn into a match-maker and are always on a hunt for a potential boyfriend/girlfriend or a life partner for you.

People judge you as you’re too Picky

People become judgment about your ‘relationship status’. They start believing that you are too picky when it comes to choosing a partner and that’s how you are still single. 

You Find Solace in Company of Your Single Friends

Being with your other single friends feels like home. You enjoy their company as they don’t bug you about the habits of their partner that they find cute but seem utterly boring to you. You love to hang out with them whenever possible and there’s a lot in common between you.

Seeing Happy Couples Makes You Sad

It makes you sick to see happy couples walking hand-in-hand or displaying love in public. You wonder how people meet people and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. But deep down in the heart, you also envy those people and yearn for such mushy moments.

You Feel Betrayed By Your Not-So-Single Friends

Whenever you try and make plans with your committed friends, they hardly get successful. Either they already have plans with their respective partners or they have a thing or two to attend together. It feels like they have betrayed you or even if you try and hang out with the couple, it feels like you are the third wheel.

No Compromise On What to Watch, Eat or Do

Being single means you have the freedom to live life your way. You can eat whatever you feel, dress up the way you want, and do things whenever you want. There’s no one who can stop or restrict your actions. And this is one thing that all the singles enjoy the most.

You Hate the Concept of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just another reminder that you are single. As if Christmas and New Year were not enough to make you feel alone, so they created an entire Valentine week to make you feel lonelier. The singles get tired seeing too much PDA all around and want it to stop somehow.

Waves of Loneliness Hit You Every Once In A While

A moment comes once in two or six months when you start to feel that being single is not enough to enjoy your life completely. During that particular phase, you don’t enjoy doing things alone and feel the need to have someone with whom you can share the special moments of life. Especially while you watch romantic movies or watch lovey-dovey couples in the park.

So all the singles out there, enjoy the singlehood while it lasts.

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