Moments when your father had your back

Moments when your father had your back

A father is the first person who helps you when you’re in trouble. He drops whatever he is doing at the moment and shows up to save the day. He never judges you for your mistakes and always tries to make things better for you. Dads always know how to handle a critical situation and help you come out of it gracefully.

Here is a list of best dad moments that will be engraved in your memory forever. 

Took the blame for broken cutlery

Remember the time you broke your mum’s favourite cutlery? Your dad took the responsibility for it and saved you from mommy’s endless scolding.

Lets you in late night

The fear of coming back home late at night keeps looming over your head. But the way your dad secretly allows you in gives you a sigh of relief and makes you love him even more.

Helped overnight in your science projects

He helped in your science projects until the early hours of the morning and always gave the best ideas to make it look exclusive.

Eases Conversations with relatives & neighbours

How can you forget the times when your nosy relatives and neighbours annoyed you with questions about your career and marriage? Your dad always made sure to step in to ease the uneasy conversations.

Helped you reach school in time

While getting late for school or college, your dad offered you rides so that you don’t miss your classes.

Ordered fast food when it was lauki & tinda 

It’s not a secret anymore how much we hate eating healthy yet not-so-delicious ‘Green Veggies’. Thanks to dad, who saved the day by ordering pizza, so that we don’t have to feed ourselves with boring food.

Saved you from falling during bicycle riding practise

Your dad was always around when you were learning to ride a bicycle and keep you from hurting yourself by falling.

This Father’s Day, thank your dad with lovely gifts for always having your back and looking after you even when you are miles away from home.

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