Fun Ideas for Seniors to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love and romance are for people of all age groups and no one group has any monopoly over it. We do see couples hand in hand in party zones, gardens, theaters, or any community center but remark oddly when an old couple holds hand in hand or shows some PDA. Without our older generation, we don’t exist at all and on this Valentine’s Day, we all can do something special for them. When they were young and carefree, they also had some great love stories, we all have to make them remind their stories. Here are some ideas I have in my mind and these can make the Valentine’s Day for seniors a memorable event. Take a look and then take steps to decorate their day with much love.


The essential Valentine’s Day cards:
Like the old school people, a proposal of love without cards would be no fun at all. You can engage the senior members of your family or old age home into card making. Who knows when was the last time they were actually made to do all these? Maybe during their children’s hand-work classes! Give them all necessary thing, cards, colors, sketch pens, scissors, lace, sprinklers, etc. Let them design the cards with care and gift them to anyone they please. And a card cannot be complete without a love message. After they are done with their card making, they have to read out the love message out loud to everyone. This would be really funny and romantic. Some may feel shy but seeing their friends do the same things would build up the courage!


Evening story session:
Everyone has one love story. Or to be precise, everyone has some love stories! The successful story is the one with whom we end up spending our life and rest of the hero/heroine of love stories take a back seat. If you want to know what all your grandparents and their cousins did in their golden times, please call them up to your place. The idea is to let them engage in their talks and chatting sessions without revealing the real plan. When evening comes, make them sit in a circle on your terrace and with some hot tea/coffee and snacks command them to narrate their sweet tales of love. Some would be shy but as they are all cousins and like you all they also don’t leave any chance of teasing each other, the truth of their stories would be out. All in the name of fun and love!


Love-letter writing competition:
Yes, as they are old, they all belong to an era when real love was gained with much effort. To meet once in every week or month, they had to walk miles, save money with various tricks, and then wait for the next meeting. The age of no-facebook, no-twitter, no-Instagram, depended heavily on letters. The meeting was for a fraction of seconds when he used to pass by the lane close to her house. She knew the exact sound of his cycle ring and came out with some excuse to see him. So, the cupid used to be the friends. Her friend always knew some of his friends, or better, her friend used to be his sister and thus flow of letters used to be frequent. So, these Black and White heroes should now write a nice love letter to their sweethearts! And as today we live in an age of competition, let’s make the old heroes compete with each other. The best love letter writer would be given some sort of award, like a candle-lit dinner in some fancy restaurant or a personalized lamp shade.

seniors-valentines-dayA day out with old couples:
When was the last time they had a break together? Be it your grandparents or the neighbor of grandparents or some old relative their lives take a stop once they start nurturing their kids. And after grandchildren, they concentrate on them. You can arrange a bus for the senior citizens and help them pack their bags for a 2-3 days tour to some exciting place. The place can be decided with their consent. Hills and mountains like Kaushani or Kinnaur or seashores like Goa or Digha  just take a simple vote from them. Make them enjoy just like their teenage days. A group of youngsters should also be there to take their care. All medicines and First Aid kits should not be forgotten. This would make them remind many of their old tales. Sit with these old couples in a bonfire and make them dance to their tunes of love. They are surely going to enjoy this time.


Movie date with honey:
See every couple has their set of favorite movies which they love for some special reason. Maybe it was the first movie they watched together, may be the heroine resembles the old lady or vice-versa, or the story resembles their story. There are some movies with which they grew and their love for that movie have doubled over the years. My grandpa knew all the dialogues of all Uttam Kumar movies and I was enamored by such power! Just know their favorite movie and then arrange for that DVD of the movie to be played on a giant screen for them. Set up a romantic ambiance for your grandparents in your lawn with recliners, white screen, projector, drinks, snacks, etc. They would be more than happy with such a treat from you. Don’t forget to decorate the lawn area with some dim lights and balloons. Serve them popcorns and beverages during the interval. They would just love this show as a gift from their grandchildren.

Pay due respect to these old couples on this day and engage them in some lovey-dovey things. The old couples can be your grandparent or those staying in old age homes. You and your friends can form a group and discuss the ideas with the owner of these old age homes to make Valentine’s Day 2017 memorable for them.


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