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It’s Time To Surprise

Surprise your loved ones

It’s my anniversary and I am going to make her feel loved! It’s his birthday and it’s going to be an amazing day for him. It’s my colleague’s wedding and I’ll definitely be with him on his big day with an even bigger present. My daughter passed her graduation and it calls for a big celebration etc.

Can you relate with the above sentences? Of course, you do! Everybody does! But, the question isn’t if you can relate with this. It’s about what else you do to keep your relationships healthy and lives happier. You always put reminders and alarms on the phones for those special days and dates. Life is a long journey and these special days come only once in a while in a year. There is so much that you can do and make a lot more memories. There is so much in your daily life that you can actually celebrate and make your people feel loved. Loved deeply. You can carve beautiful moments with everyone around you. From your colleagues to sibling, to children, to a spouse, to parents, to friends, to neighbours, everybody makes your life wonderful in a way or the other, so you too must keep surprising them.

Celebrate LoveLet’s start with the most basic instance, where your wife learns an exotic Italian dish and makes it in dinner for you. You eat it silently and didn’t talk much about it at the dinner table. Chill. You can still make it up for your non-praising behaviour. Surprise her with a beautiful flower arrangement. Send it at her workplace and admire the magic it does!

Now this one for all the youngsters who fights with their mothers quite often. Coming home late in the night, the dress being too short, the hippie hair cut or junk food habit, there can be several reasons. The feeling of guilt also creeps in after the fight. Why not tell mom, you love her with a small gift!

You are your son’s hero! And not finding the hero on his important football match isn’t impressive. Plan a small and cute surprise for your little kid, make him smile and prove that you truly are his hero!

Birthday of your bae is simply an unforgettable day. You can’t miss it for the world. And if you have committed this sin, you must compensate for it. Surprise your beloved in a beautifully heartwarming manner. Let your expression be your words.

Today’s fast moving world pulls as apart from our family. We get occupied with the needs of life but at times, something happens and reminds us of some beautiful past memory. A brother-sister duo would definitely agree with this. So brothers! If you miss your sister today, tell her! Surprise her with something she loves.

Similarly, there might be a thousand other moments in your life which you can celebrate by surprising your loved ones. Make every day beautiful, turn minutes into sweet memories. Do not wait for an occasion, the right time to surprise your loved ones is now.


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