International Men’s Day 2021: Gift Him a Moment

International Men's Day

Men are considered the strongest in the human race, hence putting them under immense pressure has become a habit in society. Our expectations keep on increasing, and we keep on burdening them. When men express their discomfort or frustration, we tend to pamper them with gifts, hampers or send them off to a tour! But the question is, does that really solve their problem, men are undergoing? What is it that they want – did we try identifying that?

Make this Men’s Day memorable with FNP’s campaign- Gift him a Moment. Break all stigmas, identify what they really want and gift men with a moment of happiness, of peace, of committing an error, of finding their own space, of appreciation, of respect, of failure, of love or simple acknowledgement. This year, let’s make a change and let the men be. Go ahead, do pamper them with thoughtful gifts and gestures but don’t forget to give them a breather. Furthermore, don’t make this a one-day affair. Try practising gifting them little moments often. Celebrate this day in a simple yet significant way!

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