How to make your home Smoke-Proof this Diwali?

How to make your home Smoke-Proof this Diwali

The joyous occasion of Diwali takes us on a euphoric journey of days where sparkling lights illuminate our lives, and life seems perfect. Diwali brings happiness for everyone but the way we celebrate it affects some of us negatively. Burning crackers causes a lot of air pollution which is harmful, and makes it difficult for people to breathe. People with asthma are the ones that suffer the most because of air pollution. Animals and children also face difficulty while people are enjoying Diwali by burning crackers and releasing air pollutants. To make Diwali a grand celebration for all, we need to play our part by picking lighting diyas instead of burning crackers. Wondering how to make your home smoke-proof this Diwali? We have got you covered! Here are a few ways that’ll surely help you and let you make the most of the auspicious festival of Diwali!

Get An Air Cleaning System Installed

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If air pollution has adverse effects on you, then you must get an air cleaning system installed at your home. According to the latest studies, portable or central air cleaning systems help in reducing air pollutants and keep your house clean where you can easily breathe.

Decorate Your House With Stylish Yet Thick Curtains

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Air cleaning systems are not that pocket-friendly. If you want an instant way that will add to your Diwali decoration, then chic curtains made out of thick material are a great choice. Get them in your favourite shade and keep the pollutants out. You can also wear face masks at home so that you are safe and the air pollutants don’t worsen your breathing problems.

Add Green Plants To Your Home Decor

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Indoor plants not only purify the air, but they enhance the look of your living room. Spider plants and Peace Lily are known for their air purification quality, and you must bring them home before Diwali arrives. Other plants that you can buy are Devil’s Ivy, Rubber plants and Boston Fern.

Travel To A Smoke-Free Destination

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Make your Diwali celebration extraordinary by travelling to a hill station so that you can easily breathe in the fresh air. Avoid the polluted city life for two or three days and celebrate Deepawali with your loved ones at a hill station where you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and light diyas.

Diwali should be a cheerful occasion for all. While we are already amidst a pandemic that is affecting our health, let us all avoid crackers and go green this year. Celebrate Deepawali Apni Si by lighting up diyas and spending time with your loved ones at home and make this festival a blissful one for all! Have a safe Diwali, and don’t forget to maintain social distancing!

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