A wonderful chocolate treat for your “honey” on this Chocolate Day

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Author: Arun Raghav

Un cuore nel cioccolato

Image Credits: lititzchocolatewalk.com

Chocolates are one of the food items that are known as the most loved delicacies among everyone. They are sweet in taste and have an irresistible taste that makes everybody want more of it. These chocolates are consumed all over the world in different forms, shapes, designs and names.

Not just that, there is actually a day which is dedicated entirely to the consumption and gifting of chocolates to your loved ones. Yes, this special day known as “Chocolate Day” and is a part of the week long Valentine day celebrations. It is celebrated on 9th February every year and is a good day to pamper your loved ones with delicious chocolates. Here are the few “chocolicious” gift ideas for your love mate on this Chocolate Day that can add the sweetness in your love relationship.

Lovely “Red chocolate” Potli – Gift the yummy Potli of mouth-watering chocolates for your loved ones on this Chocolate Day. It is definitely a great way to offer the sweetness of chocolates in an eye grabbing bag or Potli. You can either try this gift wrap yourself at your home for a personalized touch or you can simply buy this exciting chocolate Potli from any online gifts, chocolates and cakes store.

Sweet chocolate hamper- Gift the iconic chocolate brands like Rocher Ferrero, Celeste or any other in a wooden basket, plate or any other wooden container. Arrange delicious chocolate delicacies and bars in a wonderful way for your girlfriend, wife, best friend or any other special ones. You can wrap a red, blue or golden ribbon on your chocolate hamper and can send it to your loved ones to increase sweetness in your relationships.

Bouquet of chocolates- Who says bouquets are meant for flowers only? Check out these amazing chocolate day gifts in the form of bouquets that are really cool and equally delicious as well. You can gift a bouquet of flowers with Rocher Ferrero chocolates embedded inside it. Or you could also send a bouquet of little teddy bears with chocolates as a “sweet chocolate day gift” to your special ones.

     My Heart Rocher BouquetChocolate Hearts Cake half kg

Combo chocolate offers- There are a wide range of combo chocolate offers that are available for lovers on the occasion of Chocolate Day. Some of the most popular chocolate combo offers are as follows:

  • Chocolates with 100 reasons to love you cards.
  • Chocolates with cute teddy bears or other soft toys.
  • Chocolate boxes with fresh flowers in a bouquet.

All these chocolate combo offers are really a wonderful option to celebrate Chocolate Day with your loved ones.

A yummy chocolate cake- If you think chocolate bars are meant for kids only, you can check out the amazing varieties of chocolate cakes available at the nearest bakery shop or an online store. Ferns N Petals is one such online gifts, cakes and flowers store that can offer you chocolate cakes such as German Chocolate cake, Chocolate Temptation Special cake, Truffle cake, Black Forest Delight, Stellar Chocolate Cake, Fudge Brownie cake, Black Forest Gateau, Royal Crunch Cake and a lot more.

So, present any of these chocolate treats to your soul mate on this Chocolate Day to add sweet memories to your life. Don’t worry about splurging a lot of money to celebrate this occasion as all these chocolate options are well within the range of every common individual. Now, celebrate this Chocolate day in style with your loved ones.