Funny Tongue Twisters of the Yesteryear

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Words are wonderful because they give shape to your emotions. Some phrases touch our hearts while some make us cry. Then some phrases make us laugh – out loud. Tongue Twisters fall under that category. When you read a tongue twister- that’s not funny – it becomes funny when you say it rather try to say it. There was a time when kids played for hours with each other by saying these tongue twisters. The time was when TV remained active only for a few hours and there was nothing called a smartphone. Everyone was social without a platform of social media.

Tongue Twisters generally don’t mean anything but they are framed quite intelligently

Rewind your memories to those innocent childhood days and twist your tongues:

The Easy & Eternal One:

tongue twister

Namak Halal was the movie that released in 1982 and the star of the millennium mouthed this easy, eternal, yet tough tongue twister. Papad is a thin, crisp disc-shaped food typically based on a seasoned dough usually made from peeled black gram flour (urad flour), fried or cooked with dry heat. Kachcha means raw and pakka means ripe. So, see there’s no real meaning to this phrase but it is said just for fun. Compared to the other ones, this one is still easier.

The One Where Poo is Involved

tongue twister

The beauty of this phrase is that most words in its start with “ch” of Hindi language which makes one’s brain and tongue both twisted. But Lord knows who is this Chandu of Chandni Chowk! This is again that famous tongue twister which Poo made Rohan say in K3G. Viva was a popular female band that was formed in 2002 and they also made this tongue twister famous with their song. Till today, I have a poster of these girls in my room and this tongue twister day I am surely going to post a nostalgic picture on Instagram and tag my friends there.

The Brush of Brass:

tongue twister

It means someone has kept ripe yellow papaya in a pot made of brass. It is a complete sentence and makes sense but I bet you cannot say it more than thrice. I am sure you are trying it now while reading and a smile are there on your face remembering your childhood.

The One with the Camel’s back:

tongue twister

This tongue twister talks about the height, hump, and tail of a camel. I get a visual of a camel walking through the Thar Desert while coming across this phrase. What comes to your mind? Your friends? If yes, don’t forget to give him/her a call and remind him/her of your childhood memories.

The Khadak Singh Special:

tongue twister

Aamir Khan made this phrase popular again in 2006 with his hit movie Fanaa. The song “Chanda Chamke” had this funny phrase.

The One Near The Sea:

tongue twister

Till today I have a problem with “S” and a friend of mine teases me for that. In my head, I get a picture of Goa where a lady wearing a flowing white dress and a floral tiara is seated near a big rock. She is selling seashells and flocked by many customers since eternity. What do you think about her?

The One with Woodchuck:

tongue twister

Woodchuck is the other name of Groundhog. They love tender plants to coarser bark and trees and not specifically wood of a tree. But for the sake of twisting the tongue, this phrase is popular.

How many of these tongue twisters made you fumble? And I am sure you must be missing your childhood friends badly with whom these tongue twisters became a sweet part of your memory. Don’t forget to remind them of these funny fung fwisters on this day.

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