Different ways in which Dads express their love

Different ways in which Dads express their love

Dads may or may not be quite vocal about their feelings or expressing love through grand gestures. They show their heartfelt feelings for children in their own little ways. And know very well how to lift their spirits even during the unfavourable times. 

Here are typical ways in which dads express their love for their children every day.

Is there for you

Whether you are happy, sad, worried or irritated, your dad is that one person who’s always there to support and encourage you. Nothing in the world can replace the quality time you spend with your dad and the amount of happiness it brings to your life. 

Picks & Drops you without complaining

Be it school, sports practise or friend’s birthday party, you can always count on your dad for timely pick and drop. And he does it without complaining even once. 

Spends time outdoors

He takes you for outings and trips from time to time because he knows that spending time together is a great way to bond and uses every opportunity that comes his way. 

Takes an interest in your hobbies

Whether you want to pursue dancing or learn about spacecraft, your dad is always supporting your interests and dreams. 

Is your biggest cheerleader

Be it your football match at school or science fair; he’s always present to lift your spirits. Your dad is your number one fan. He never shies away from telling other people how amazing you are.

Experiments in the Kitchen

He loves to occasionally test his cooking skills and makes sure that you are his partner. While maybe he is trying to impress mom, he gets to bond with you & you learn to cook something new (or different).

Randomly texts you

Those random calls from dad in the middle of the day are the sweetest thing ever. Despite his hectic schedule, he makes sure to let you know that he values you and thinks about you.

This Father’s Day, spoil your dad with fabulous gifts and thank him for years of love and care.

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