7 Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Boss Day

7 out of Box Ideas for Boss Day

As stated by Jack Ma, the co-founder and former executive chair of Alibaba Group- “When you’re 30 years old, please find a good boss. A good boss is better than a good company. A good boss would disappoint you, train you, develop you.”

One may not realize it, but it is true. No matter how good things are, without a good boss, you will never feel satisfied with your job. Now a good boss does not always mean who talks sweetly and grants all your leaves. A good boss is the one who will recognize your strengths, place you in challenging situations and help you when you find yourself stuck in situations. So, even if your boss makes you work for things, or criticizes you when you are wrong, this does not make him/her bad. This just means they see potential in you to do better. Being a boss is a tough job, and which is why your boss deserves to be celebrated.

Here are a few boss day celebration ideas to make your boss feel special, and let them know that their efforts are appreciated:

Decorate Their Desk

Decorate the desk

Office settings are usually boring. Your boss’s workstation may have a few plants and pictures but it is usually filled with files, stationary and a laptop. This is only because they work hard in making their team better, and often do not get time to think about themselves. Make the day colourful for your boss.  Reach office early, and decorate your boss’s workspace with balloons, streamers, flowers, candy jars, and anything else you think your boss will like. This will make them feel refreshed and special.

Make a Thank You Video For Your Boss

Make Thank You Video for your boss

All those feedback meetings, one on one monthly meetings, feedbacks, and random appreciations, your boss made you feel wanted and happy. It’s time to give back. Shoot a video around the office. A video of appreciation for your boss. It is their day, and they need to be appreciated for all the efforts they put in to make you a better employee.

Write an Email to the Big Boss

write an email to boss

Every time you do something good, your boss praises you in front of their boss. Those review meetings where they told how it was your idea to streamline the process. All these eulogizes helped you climb up the ladder towards a better career. Don’t you think your boss deserves it too? Write down an email to your boss’s reporting manager explaining how good of a leader they are.

Send A Cake

bake a cake for your boss

Cake cutting is a trend followed on almost all occasions in offices. Birthdays, work anniversaries, and major team achievements, every time something happens, you cut a cake. Send a boss day special cake to make it really special for him/her. This will make your boss feel truly happy and your gesture will be appreciated.

Gifts For Boss Day

Gift for Boss Day

Everyone loves receiving gifts, and so does your boss. Appreciate them with amazing gifts. You have so many options to choose from like plants, coffee mugs, flowers, perfumes, personalised diaries, and much more. Make sure to pair up your gift with the best boss frame.

Gift Card

Gift Card

You spend a lot of time with your boss and may know what is it they enjoy doing outside work. Give them a gift card they can use to enjoy their time outside work. They like food? Give them a coupon to their favourite food joint. Do they enjoy movies? Gift them bookmyshow credits. Do they enjoy shopping? Online shopping credits it is.

Throw Your Boss A Surprise  Party

Surprise Party

This will take a little effort but it is totally worth it. Your boss dedicates all their time in making sure you’re doing your job correctly, this is the least you can do. You can either arrange a small pot luck dinner, or a small office get together outside work.

It is not about impressing your boss but letting them know that you are thankful for all they do. Appreciate your boss, like a boss.

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