Common Problems People Face While Sending Rakhi Abroad

Problems People Face while Sending Rakhi Online

Raksha Bandhan; a day filled with love, laughter and vibrant hues of tradition is just around the corner. The essence of this occasion lies in the simple act of a sister tying a beautiful rakhi on her brother’s wrist symbolising her love, care and prayers for his well-being. And in return, the brother promises to protect her for life. But what if they are separated by miles? Sending a rakhi online across borders can turn this simple tradition into a complex endeavour with numerous challenges. Let’s know about some of the problems that people face while sending rakhi abroad.

Delayed Deliveries

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One of the most common problems that people come across while sending a rakhi across borders is the delay in delivery. International shipping often includes various custom checks, transit points and multiple delivery timelines. Even if the rakhi order is placed in advance, unexpected delays may result in its delayed delivery. Such delays can be very disheartening for siblings, after all the entire point of sending a rakhi is to celebrate the bond on the specific day.

High Shipping Costs

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Whether you are sending a rakhi to USA, UK, Australia or anywhere across the globe, sending a small item like a rakhi can sometimes incur exorbitant shipping costs. Moreover, the cost often depends on the destination, the weight of the package and how urgent you want to get it delivered. The financial burden can sometimes overshadow the joy of sending the rakhi, especially for sisters.

Customs and Duties

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Another problem in sending rakhis abroad is navigating through customs and duties. Every country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding the import of goods. If you send gifts along with the rakhi, it might or might not subjected to scrutiny. In case, it does, there could be additional charges or even the package could be returned if it doesn’t comply with the destination country’s regulations.

Damage During Transit

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With Rakhi around the corner, you are probably planning to send rakhi online worldwide to let your sibling know that distance cannot affect your precious bond. But you have to be prepared that there could be some potential risks during transit. Rakhis are delicate, often embellished or designed with stones and beads. Transporting them from one country to another can be rough, so there is always a risk of sending a rakhi across the border. 

Tracking Issues

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Not all shipping services provide tracking options, especially for international orders. Thus, the inability to track the package can sometimes cause anxiety to the sender. Moreover, in some cases, the package might get lost making it challenging to locate it.

Language Barriers

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Last but not least, when sending a rakhi to different countries, the language barrier can be a significant problem. For instance, addressing labels and misunderstanding instructions can lead to incorrect deliveries or delays.

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