Flower Meaning

Zinnia - Thinking of you

The zinnia flower has several meanings including thoughts of friends, endurance, daily remembrance, goodness and lasting affection. These flowers in general represent the emotion of missing an absent friend. These are popular garden flowers as they can withstand hot temperature and reseed themselves every year. They come in just about any colour other than the colour blue.

  • Purple Zinnia
  • Pink Zinnia
  • White Zinnia

Associated with regret and repentance, purple coloured zinnias transmit the message of apology. They can be gifted to almost anyone you want to apologise to; whether parents or fiancé or friends.

Pink zinnia embodies lifelong promise of love and affection. They are also linked with the wish for adding excitement in the relationship. Give it to your partner or fiancé and convey the message of lasting affection.

Representative of the message; “praying for you”, these can be gifted when your loved one falls ill or is going through tough luck. Gift them this and pray for goodness in your friend’s life.