Flower Meaning

Violets - Flower of Modesty

Given on the 50th anniversary of a couple, these flowers replicate the feeling of faithfulness and modesty. Also known as “Viola”, these flowers typically have heart-shaped and scalloped leaves, and are linked with love. In Christianity, violet has been with Virgin Mary’s humility. It is said that when worn violet around the neck, it takes care of dizziness.

  • Blue Violet
  • White Violet

Epitomises the promise of being faithful. These flowers are gifted to your partner to convey your promise of eternal faithfulness. Believed to shun away evil spirits, these flowers are gifted to bring in positivity as well.

Exemplifies the emotion of taking a chance or a step forward with your partner. They subtly hint at the wish to move forward in a relationship. These should be gifted before proposing to your partner.