Flower Meaning

Roses - Universal symbol of love

Symbolizing confidentiality, love and passion for the most important person in your life, these flowers have been long associated with love. The various colour of roses are linked with different emotions. They are given on the 15th wedding anniversary. It is linked with confidentiality because the rose petals are close-bound making it difficult to reveal the centre or symbolically, the character of the lover.

  • Red Rose
  • Pink Rose
  • Yellow Rose
  • White Rose
Red Rose

These represent the simple message of “I love you” and should be given to your partner on anniversary or Valentine’s Day. They are linked with Greek mythology as they are representative of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and romance.

This colour has dual meaning; one representing thank you and the other is a plea to your loved one asking for trust. Because of its versatility, it is the perfect gift for not only your fiancé but your friend as well.

These are symbolic of friendship, making it the best Friendship’s Day gift. They instantly brighten up the room and the mood of the receiver. It can also be gifted as a get well soon gift and for congratulations as well.

White roses are the second most popular flowers after red roses. They exemplify pure love for your beloved. When receiving these flowers, you are secretly being told that you are heavenly. They are a gesture of remembrance as well.