Flower Meaning

Poppies - Imagination and eternal sleep

Poppy is a symbol of Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. The 9th wedding anniversary flowers, they have been symbolic of imagination, making them the best gift to give to people in creative line of work. Poppies, because of their alluring flowers, make the most amazing home décor arrangements. Due to the opium extracted from its plant, this flower is also to s state of calm and sleep.

  • Red Poppy
  • White Poppy
  • Yellow Poppy

Representative of pleasure, red poppies make the perfect addition to flower arrangements to brighten up a bouquet. In Chinese mythology, it is said that luck will shower on you if you smell red poppy thrice a day.

Symbolic of purity and consolation, these flowers are usually gifted on funerals as a sign of sorrow and respect. It is used on Remembrance Day in America, as a sign of tribute to the war veterans.

Bright coloured yellow poppies are associated with wealth and success, making them the best form of wishes to gift to a best friend or relative. Because of its pain relieving qualities, it is believed whoever suffers pain from love can be cured with the yellow poppies.