Flower Meaning

Glorious femininity Orchids

The fragrant flowers also known as “Orchidaceae”, are representative of refined love and a Beautiful lady. Orchids are a symbol of the exotic beauty symbolizing refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. It also symbolizes glorious femininity, making it the best Woman’s Day gift. Coming in various colours, these flowers are associated with different emotions.

  • Yellow Orchid
  • Purple Orchid
  • Blue Orchid
  • Pink Orchid

Symbolizing new beginnings, these flowers can be seen in many bridal bouquet. With their sunshine yellow colour, these orchids become a cheerful blend in the wedding décor. They can also be sent to your special friend.

Purple coloured orchids are associated with respect and admiration. Thus, these are the perfect gift to be given to an elder person who you truly respect. They also represent overflowing love for someone, making it a popular wedding flower.

As rare as the colour, these orchids represent that the recipient is a rare jewel in sender’s life. They are also linked with spirituality and meditation. Blue coloured orchids provide a calming effect in the receiver’s life.

As lovely as the colour, the meaning of this fragrant flower also represents lovable innocence. Pink orchids are 14th and 28th wedding anniversary flowers. It is often associated with virility as well.