Flower Meaning

Lily - Pure beauty and elegance

Great to be gifted on a couple’s the 30th anniversary, lilies, also known as Lilium, are the charming flowers that correspond to the emotions of beauty and purity. Lilies were loved by the Greeks as they believed they had sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of gods and wife of Zeus. Lilies start blooming as early as April and continue blooming till September.

  • White Lily
  • Yellow Lily

Generally for young romantics, these flowers can also be gifted to a couple who may be old but still young at heart and romance. They are also a symbol of Virgin Mary’s purity, making it symbolic of chastity and virtue as well.

Yellow is a universal colour mirroring the bright sun. These bright yellow lilies showcase happiness and beauty in one’s life. They also symbolize falsehood or flirtation.