Flower Meaning

Hyacinths - Games and sports

Hyacinths are flowers dedicated to Apollo, the Greek god of the Sun, who is also considered as the patron of the arts. They represent a number of different things according to their colour. Because of the different meaning of hyacinth, you should always consider the colour of hyacinth before gifting it to your loved ones. They have star shaped flowers and bloom only in spring season.

  • Purple Hyacinth
  • Pink Hyacinth

Expressing regret and sorrow towards something, this colour of hyacinth represent the feeling of sorry. But according to pagan belief, these flowers are linked with love and happiness. Whatever the meaning, the beauty of purple hyacinth never ceases to exist.

Do you wish to bring sparkle in your life again? These flowers are the perfect way to communicate to your partner that you are ready to bring excitement in your relationship. Pink hyacinth have a streak of red running through it, making it a bi-coloured flower.