Flower Meaning

Daffodils - Wordsworth’s favourite

Daffodils, also known as Narcissus, are popularly presented on the 10th anniversary of a couple. In general, they convey respect for someone. They shine light hearted energy and spread cheer all around. Daffodils were a favourite of the Greeks and the Romans, but they got famous through a poem named a same by William Wordsworth.

  • Pink Daffodil
  • Yellow daffodil

Perfect way to convey greetings for a new beginning, thus making them the most popular wedding flowers. Whenever gifted, daffodils should be gifted in a bunch as a single daffodil foretells misfortune.

Exemplifying respect for someone you look up to, the receiver of these flowers should be proud to have inspired someone. Cheerful yellow daffodils are associated with end of winter and return of summers.