Flower Meaning

Carnations - Flower of the Gods

Carnations are scientifically known as Dianthus caryophyllus. They are also known as “flower of love” or “flower of the gods” and have been treasured for centuries. They have a ruffled appearance and a sweet fragrance. They are apt to be given on someone’s first wedding anniversary.

  • Pink Carnation
  • Red Carnation
  • White Carnation

With a legend revolving around Virgin Mary and Jesus, these flowers symbolise mother’s love, making it the official flower of Mother’s Day. It is believed that these flowers occurred where tears of Virgin Mary fell upon seeing the injustice happening to Jesus.

Red carnations: They are the perfect symbol of admiration. If you receive a charming bouquet full of red carnations, you should know that you have an admirer. It should be gifted to your crush to whom you want to confess your feelings.

White carnations: Personifying pure love for your beloved, this floral arrangement makes it hard for the beloved to not say yes. Apart from pure love, a bunch of white carnations suggest good luck. A bouquet of white and pink carnations should be given to your mother.