Outdoor Plants to UAE

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Green Echeveria and Haworthia with Natural Stones

"We always keep shopping from u 👌

- Asma

Delivered At: Abu Dhabi

Occasion: get-well-soon

Green Echeveria with Natural Stones

"Always meets expectations even internationally.

- jasvindet

Delivered At: Dubai

Occasion: Birthday

Ficus Bonsai Plant In Ceramic Pot and Chocolates

"Great experience, I would definitely use again and recommend. Thank you.

- Victoria

Delivered At: Dubai

Occasion: congratulations

Outdoor plants like guava, pomegranate, areca palm, zamia, etc. would provide you with a fresh environment. You can walk through your lawn, terrace, or garden and breathe in some fresh air which would keep your mind and heart healthy. You can also gift these lovely outdoor plants to your friends and relatives in UAE and greet them on special occasions!