A Rundown By Us:

    • What will you give for that look on your loved one’s face, when they are pleasantly surprised and feel special! Tell your partner that you don’t have to be a thousand miles away to miss him/her.
    • Music is a beautiful & great way to express feelings for the person you love. Even if you are not physically present with them, you can still bring a smile on their face and brighten up their special day. Convey your love & wishes in a musical way during social-distancing times

    What we'll provide:

    • Songs of your choice will be played by the guitarist
    • The Guitarist will arrange a WhatsApp Video Conference Call with Sender & the Recipient
    • Songs will be played on the Video Call


    • You can give any 3 songs of your choice
    • The Guitarist will play the songs for 10-15 minutes only
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