A Rundown By Us:

    • Ferns N Petals has caught hold of a venue for your perfect getaway where you can unwind, relax, and above all talk turkey. Invite her on this cute yet candid coffee date to know more of her, discuss life, love and what not. Plan your day or plan your future; great ideas are sure to froth.
    • The venue has a zen open plan layout, so you don’t feel confined to a small space. Adding to the venue’s sheen is the bright and cheerful décor. This mini Minion world has jolly Minions on the bulbs, paintings, laces, mugs, and banners; they are sure to make your day a perfect one.

    What we'll provide:

    • Decorated table with flower petals and candles
    • 2 mocktails/shakes/Coffee
    • 4 course- 1 chilli potato/chilli paneer/chilli chicken,1 sandwich/burger, 1 pasta/pizza,2 deserts
    • Cuisine-Italian,Chinese,Continental


    • Its a non-private event
    • Food Packaging is not allowed
    • In case of projector movie, please carry your Pendrive, CD in a prescribed format. We can only arrange screening setup.
    • Projector provided is to play custom movie of 15 minute max.

    Where we'll be:

    Make it extra special

    Happy Birthday Foil Balloons

    Happy Birthday Foil Balloons

    Add some more decorations!



    Cakes are special for every celebration.

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