A Rundown By Us:

    • Make your anniversary, proposal, birthday special by decorating your room with this beautiful,unique umbrella and light decoration. Want to feel like you are under shining stars while you are still in your room? These beautiful umbrellas with LED lights inside them are sure to give you starry eyes. Surprise your partner as they open the door to a room full of fresh-divine smelling rose petals and candles. In the middle of your room live the dream of dining in bed under a canopy of warm fairy lights and beautiful colourful umbrellas.
    • In the busy life like today’s, sometimes it's hard to make time to go out for a special dinner. So skip all the hard work to look for a beautiful place, a perfect romantic setup and even the effort of going out. Enjoy the luxury of the perfect amorous and intimate date with breathtaking ambience just sitting in bed.

    What we'll provide:

    • 10 umbrellas beautifully hanging from the ceiling
    • Fairy lights decoration (5 Lights)


    • Nails will be drilled in the corners of your room

    Make it extra special

    Movie Screening

    Movie Screening

    Good Movies Refresh you

    Candles and Flower petals

    Candles and Flower petals

    Make a diffrence with Candles and rose petals

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