A Rundown By Us:

    • Lockdown should not stop you from making your loved ones feel special on their important days. Send Personalised Digital Video wishes and take them by surprise. Just when you thought you couldn't send a gift, Digital Video wishes to the rescue.
    • Be it an occasion birthday, anniversary, or time to convey your emotions “Thank you for being around”, “Sorry for hurting you”, “I will miss you”, etc.

    What we'll provide:

    • A 5-minute long personalised video for your loved one
    • A digital copy with over 25 pictures and 15 messages will be created and sent to your chosen email address
    • You can upload pictures and messages after booking
    • This Video is delivered to the sender via email.
    • We have a standard music track for the video. It cannot be customized.


    • You can send pictures and messages after booking via email
    • The video will be sent over mail to your loved one
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